☆☆☆MAY 13th (FRI) and Every 2nd Friday of the Month☆☆☆
Parents! Great news!!
Enjoy an evening out while your kids enjoy a night of training and playing! Parents’ Night Out is a way for you to have a night out and have your child(ren) in a safe, active, and fun environment.
Date: May 13th (Friday)
And Every 2nd Friday of the Month
Time: 5:00pm – 10:00pm
Cost: $30 per child
$25 per child for multiple children

+++Let’s walk TET PARADE 2016+++

Come Join us on this one of the Community’s biggest cultural events!
March down the parade as a Team, and be a part of New Year’s tradition.
DATE: February 13th (SAT)
TIME: 8:00AM ~ around 11:00AM
in front of the Luc Vinh Ky Restaurant
*Due to Parade, only limited parking available. Come early!
*Cold breakfast and Water will be provided.
*After the parade, we will serve yummy Dim Sum lunch to all the participants!

Nam Phan Wins at SubFighter Super

subfighter jiu jitsu grappling wrestling tournament judo

Congrats to Nam Phan for winning his super fight at the SubFighter Submission Challenge. Also congrats to Nam Phan's student Keith Knighten for winning the 195- division

The finish: option 2

The second option I would recommend for a person with very little grappling experience in a self-defense situation is to attack the American Lock. The reason is that it allows you to stay heavy on top without having switch into a different position, all the while still being able to attack the person from a safe position (assuming that you have already taken the attacker to the ground and landed in the side control position). If you do not feel comfortable in creating scramble or losing your position on top then attacking the American Lock is a very safe option.

Pancrase 270 King of Pancrase Title Defense 2015

King of Pancrase Title Defense

Nam Phan will defending his World King of Pancrase title against former TUF12 alumi Andy Main on Oct 4th 2015 in Differ Ariake Japan. Lets wish him luck everyone. Go Team Nam Phan .


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